About Stella

About Stella

Woof, Meow, Quack, Welcome

You made it to our about page. Big tail wag of greetings.

A brief love letter to our beloved Stella.

Dearest Stella,

We miss you every single day. Still. All these years later.

We regret that we were unable to save you from the people that didn't understand you.
You were taken unjustly and hastily.

You were so playful, precious, and young.
You were just waiting for a that home that you so rightly deserved.

We want you to know that we honor you by helping dogs, cats, ducks, horses, bunnies, turkeys and of course, alpacas named Tina.

We also honor you by helping the humans who work tirelessly in the shelters, and rescue centers with the unwanted, misunderstood animals who just need a helping hand.

You are gone.

You. Are. Never. Ever. Forgotten.

We love you so much.

Who do we think we are?

Excellent Question

We are on the planet to help animals.  Specifically the Idaho animals (although we’ve been known to help a few Oregon and California beasts also)

We are also committed to enjoying ourselves.

We know how to put the FUN in Fundraising. 

It makes us sad to see how animals are abused and neglected. 

AND we also see the value in keeping our spirits high (titos spirits to be specific) so we can show up ON FIRE and help these creatures!

Let us help you help us.

We are open to any FUNraiser ideas (especially if there’s a party involved) that you might have. 

In your backyard, you say?  Why yes, we respond.  We’ll be over with our DJ, and we feel confident that your neighbors will love us.

Let’s get some money flowing to save these Idaho animals. 

Why should you care about all that?

Another Excellent Question

Answer: Because, caring feels better.  We know, it’s hard to get involved because your heart breaks a little bit at times.

Guess what.  It heals up stronger and bigger with the capacity to connect to more JOY.

Right?  Who doesn’t want more connection, JOY and capacity right now.

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